The Consumer Advisory Panel helps ElectraNet gain insights into the needs of the community and customers.

The Consumer Advisory Panel was established as part of our commitment to customer engagement, and provides us with customer input to improve the value of electricity transmission services we provide. It helps us to understand customer needs, issues and service requirements.

The Panel brings together different organisations that represent electricity consumers and customers, and they typically meet face-to-face on a quarterly basis. It is a dedicated vehicle for our ongoing engagement and collaboration with community stakeholders.

The Panel is guided by its Charter.

We thank all our Consumer Advisory Panel members for their continued input, including:

  • Andrew McKenna, Business SA
  • Graham Pratt, Consumers Association of South Australia
  • Mark Henley, Uniting Communities
  • Hon Rob Kerin, Primary Producers SA
  • Tim Kelly, Conservation Council of South Australia
  • Rebecca Knol, SA Chamber of Mines and Energy
  • David Headberry, Energy Consumers Coalition of SA (ECCSA)
  • Peter Dobney, Energy Users Association of Australia
  • Sue Averay, Council of the Aging (COTA)


Consumer Advisory Panel Meetings

View the resources presented at each Consumer Advisory Panel meeting in the sections below.

For more meeting notes, outcomes, and factsheets related to our Consumer Advisory Panel, please visit our resource centre.

  • Notes for CAP Meeting 7
  • Notes for CAP Meeting 6

If you would like to discuss our customer initiatives, please contact us on 1800 243 853 or send us a message.