Recommended Publications

It is recommended that all connection proponents in South Australia consider the following publications:

Contestability and Use of Information Fact Sheet
Generic Development and Environmental Approvals
Connection Fee Guide
Master PWA Terms

Standard Project Documents

The below downloads are a list of the standard project documents ElectraNet is required to have published on its website in accordance with the requirements of the National Electricity Rules (NER).

Transmission Connection Agreement - Generator/Battery
Transmission Connection Agreement - Load
Transmission Connection Agreement - Third Party DCA Provider
Network Operating Agreement
Interface Works Agreement
DNA Network Operating Agreement
DNA Interface Works Agreement
Relocation Deed

Standard Technical Documents

The below downloads contain the standard technical documents ElectraNet is required to have published on its website in accordance with the requirements of the NER.

Generic Technical Interface
Transmission Line - General Requirements including Typical Overhead Line Structures
Typical Underground Cable Arrangements
Protection Common Functional Requirement
Substation Automation System Functional Requirement
Equipment Hardware and Software
Generic Commissioning Requirements including Typical Timescales
Operational Technology General Requirements
Substation Earthing Functional Requirement
Physical Security
Substation LV AC Supplies
Substation LV Cables
Substation HV Cables
Substation Insulation Coordination
Substation Lightning Protection
Substation Signage
Substation Buildings
Generic Connection Principles and Substation Configurations
Typical Primary Plant
Typical Operational and Maintenance Schedule
Design Review Procedure

Designated Network Asset Access Policy

In accordance with clause 5.2A.8 of the NER, ElectraNet will maintain and publish an access policy to provide applicants with a framework to obtaining access to Designated Network Asset (DNA) services.

Davenport – Upper North large DCA

The Davenport – Upper North large DCA, owned by ElectraNet, is governed by clause 5.2A.8 of the NER and is covered by an access policy approved by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) effective 21 June 2021.

Download a copy of the Davenport – Upper North DCA here.

Clements Gap DNA

On 20 February 2024 the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) advised ElectraNet that it had approved ElectraNet’s DNA Access Policy for the Clements Gap DNA.

The DNA line has capacity of 105MVA (summer rating). At present the only connected party is Clements Gap Windfarm with generating capacity of 56.7MW.

This is not an “open access” facility. It was funded by the Pioneer Users, who have contractual rights to DNA Services, including under their respective TCAs with ElectraNet. 

Download a copy of the AER’s decision here.

Download the access policy for Clements GAP here.