ElectraNet values the relationships it has with its landholders

ElectraNet’s 9,000 landholders play an important role in supporting the delivery of a safe, secure and reliable power supply to the South Australian community across our almost 6,000 kilometres of transmission network.

ElectraNet have easements on landholder’s properties that allow us to build, operate and maintain the transmission infrastructure that moves high-voltage electricity from where it is generated, to where it is needed.


Landholder engagement

ElectraNet’s priority is to engage openly, honestly, cooperatively and respectfully with our landholders to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes. Each landholder we work with is different, therefore engagement is undertaken through a variety of methods including face-to-face meetings, phone calls, letters and email.

ElectraNet requires regular access to assets located on landholder properties to meet its legislated requirements. Written notification will be provided to the occupier prior to access, with the exception of emergency situations.

ElectraNet also have a number of landholder ‘special requirements’ that ElectraNet and its contractors are required to meet. Special requirements are conditions that a landholder and ElectraNet agree upon that can include property/easement access arrangements, biosecurity requirements such as vehicle wash-down and aerial inspections.

If you need to update your contact details or special requirements, please download and complete the information in this form.

Trees For Life subsidy scheme

ElectraNet has teamed up with Trees For Life to offer a 50% subsidy on seedlings and tree guards for ElectraNet landholders.

Place your Tree Scheme order between now and 31 August 2020 to receive your seedlings in Winter 2021.

Aerial inspections

ElectraNet is committed to operating and maintaining an efficient and safe transmission network. Each year, ElectraNet undertakes inspections of its overhead transmission lines using helicopters and drones to identify any potential issues.

Aerial inspections are a critical part of ElectraNet’s bushfire readiness program. Pre-bushfire inspections generally occur between June and September, with further inspections beginning in November and finishing in January. These inspections reduce the possibility of supply interruptions, and ensure the safety of the public and the network.

Aerial inspections occur along all major transmission lines across South Australia including the Mount Lofty Ranges, Adelaide Plains, Upper and Mid North, Flinders Ranges, Eyre and Yorke Peninsulas and the Upper and Lower South East. ElectraNet will advertise when inspections will take place in your region in the local paper.

ElectraNet respects that many of our landholders are in rural areas and may have livestock that can be ‘startled’ by helicopters. As such, ElectraNet will, upon request, implement a ‘no fly’ or ‘caution’ zone over these properties. If you would like request one of these zones, please complete this form and return it to Enquiry.Landholder@electranet.com.au

If you would like further information regarding aerial inspections please contact our Landholder Liaison Coordinator on 1800 413 331.

2020 South East Field Days

ElectraNet will be at this year’s South East Field Days at Yakka Park, Lucindale, on March 20 and 21.

One of the key features of our stand will be the promotion of the Look Up and Live message. We’re working closely with SA Power Networks to highlight how important it is to ensure property owners are familiar with essential safety precautions if they have powerlines on their property or operate heavy vehicles, cranes, farm machinery, light aircraft and recreational vessels.

We encourage all of our landholders and interested community members attending the event to stop by and say hello to the ElectraNet team.

For more information about this year’s South East Field Days click here.

2019 Riverland and Yorke Peninsula Field Days

Thank you to all our landholders and members of the community who came and had a chat with us at the Riverland and Yorke Peninsula field days this year. The field days were a great opportunity for us to get feedback about the work ElectraNet and its contractors do, as well as share information with you about some of our big projects.

Well look forward to seeing you all again next year, beginning with the South East Field Days at Lucindale on 20 and 21 March 2020. For more information at the South East Field Days click here.

ElectraNet's roles and responsibilities

ElectraNet predominantly works under the Electricity Act 1996 and is required to meet its obligations under this Act. These obligations relate to:

  • Vegetation management
  • Aerial inspections
  • Bushfire patrols and summer readiness
  • Ground patrols

Meeting these obligations ensures ElectraNet can provide a safe, reliable and secure power supply.


ElectraNet has a range of information sheets available to landholders and the community to inform them about how we operate and engage, and general safety information.

Look Up and Live information sheet
Vegetation Management information sheet
Land Planning Guide information sheet
About ElectraNet information sheet

Useful links

The following links will take you to the websites of regulatory, technical and operational groups related to the electricity industry.

Office of the Technical Regulator (SA)

Office of The Technical Regulator (SA) – Powerline Safety

SA Power Networks

Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA)

Energy & Water Ombudsman SA

Electricity Act 1996 (SA)

Australian Energy Regulator (AER)

Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)

More information

If you have any questions relating to an ElectraNet easement on your property or for more information about our work with landholders please call             1800 413 331 or email enquiry.landholder@electranet.com.au