Have confidence that your project will be successfully completed with our experience and commercial approach.

ElectraNet’s offerings include new high voltage transmission connections, infrastructure services such grid-scale batteries and synchronous condensers, telecommunications, as well as ongoing connected customer support. As the operator of South Australia’s high voltage network, our team is able to forecast network capabilities and manage the lifecycle of transmission assets. Our Build Own Operate Maintain (BOOM) approach within the high voltage network, supported by our consulting capabilities, can help your business understand the feasibility of your project.


ElectraNet offers an end-to-end service over the life of your connected asset. ElectraNet incorporates the planning, design and supply of all plant and equipment, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance, ownership and financial management.

Safe and Sustainable Operation

We are reliable and safe in the delivery of our projects. We are mature in our risk and crisis management. Our Sustainability Directive governs our ESG commitment to operating sustainably.


We have a diverse team of engineers and other energy industry specialists to ensure the technical aspects of customer projects are met. Our customer-driven projects are built on a robust project management and engineering methodology using our in-house capabilities.


We have a proven track record of successfully working with our customers on time and on budget. Our processes and procedures have been tailored to provide the optimal solution for our customer needs, while maintaining good governance and proper risk management.


Our mature commercial approach and strong investment grade credit rating of Moody’s Baa2 equivalent, enables us to finance projects at highly competitive rates of return. Customers need not fund projects upfront, but rather pay ElectraNet an annual tariff which won’t commence until construction is complete.

Landholder liaison and stakeholder engagement

ElectraNet proactively consults with communities and stakeholders to ensure we take their concerns and feedback about projects into consideration during the planning and delivery phases.


ElectraNet incorporates ‘whole of life’ customer and project requirements early in the process so that we can identify any obstacles before starting. Our planning, design, delivery and operating models use practical innovation for ease of construction and long-term reliability, while minimising long term costs for customers.

Supply Chain and Partners

We have established long-term relationships with our supply chain enabling efficient procurement and timely delivery.

Our Network

ElectraNet ensures our infrastructure can accommodate the large number of generators and energy loads, telecommunications, and other proponents who connect to our network.

ElectraNet applies our network and market knowledge under the BOOM model to ensure our assets are secure, reliable and able to meet the energy demands of the future.

Our infrastructure meets customer needs while balancing regulatory requirements.

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Interconnectors and South Australian Substation Locations

Project Governance

ElectraNet is customer-focused, and we strive to surpass expectations. We are committed to consistently producing high quality services by leveraging our experience, embracing innovation, demonstrating agility, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws, regulations, codes of practice, standards, and specifications.

ElectraNet takes our business, cultural, environmental and social responsibilities seriously. Our breadth of subject matter expertise, robust governance and significant expertise in building, operating and maintaining, ensure that our project planning and delivery aligns with behaviours, values and ethical standards that exceed stakeholder expectations.


ElectraNet has worked with industry to advance the penetration of renewables in South Australia to greater than 70% of peak load (at times surpassing 100%), all whilst developing and providing a reliable and secure transmission network for consumers, loads and generators alike.

Globally recognised for delivering ground-breaking infrastructure services in South Australia, our team have connected more than 3.5 GW of renewable energy to Australia’s National Energy Market, including large-scale wind and solar generation, and grid-scale Battery Energy Storage Systems.

ElectraNet has led the South Australian transition from a fossil fuel-based electricity grid to a low emission, high penetration renewables grid, energising the first large-scale wind farm in Australia at Wattle Point.

In 2018, we energised Australia’s first utility scale battery, ‘The Hornsdale Power Reserve’. Since then, we have continued to master our technical and commercial experience to meet the challenges facing the industry in Australia.

Case Studies

Carrapateena Mine

Carrapateena is a copper-gold mining project located approximately 160km north of Port Augusta in South Australia’s high yielding Gawler Craton. The mining project required an electrical load of 55MW made possible by the construction of a new 50km 132kV overhead transmission line and substation at Pernatty. ElectraNet was engaged to provide connection services from initial feasibility studies through to construction and completion. ElectraNet’s vast experience and project team expertise in connecting similar projects enabled the project to be scoped, designed and constructed on time and on budget with construction completed within 14 months. The Pernatty substation was energised in July 2019, enabling mine processing to commence at site.

Willogoleche Wind Farm

The Willogoleche Wind Farm is located on Willogoleche Hill, 5km from the town of Hallett in South Australia. The wind farm consists of 32 wind turbines and has a generation capacity of 119MW, enough to power 80,000 homes. ElectraNet was engaged by the project owner to support the scoping, design and construction of a 275kV substation. The project was delivered to a tight schedule and budget with construction completed within approximately 11 months. The Willogoleche wind farm was energised on 29 July 2019.

Bungala Solar Farm

The Bungala Solar Farm is located in Emeroo and Wami Kata near Port Augusta in South Australia. Stage 1 (110MW) and Stage 2 (110MW) was connected to the grid, the first large-scale solar farm constructed in South Australia. The solar farm connects to ElectraNet’s transmission network via a 132kV overhead transmission line. At the time of construction, this project represented the largest solar farm in Australia and a major connection for ElectraNet through a 30-year Connection Agreement. The project demonstrated ElectraNet’s ability to deliver under extremely tight timeframes with significant staff resourcing constraints.

Dalrymple ESCRI Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

ElectraNet’s 30MW / 8 MWh grid-scale BESS at Dalrymple substation demonstrates how energy storage can strengthen the grid and improve reliability for the lower Yorke Peninsula. The 30MW / 8MWh battery energy storage system is connected to ElectraNet’s Dalrymple substation, seven kilometres south-west of Stansbury, working with AGL’s existing 90MW Wattle Point Wind Farm and rooftop solar PV to provide back-up power in the event of interruptions in the grid. The sizing of the battery capacity has been optimised to be able to provide both regulated network and competitive market services. The network service benefits include:

  • Improved reliability for the lower Yorke Peninsula by supplying power for 2-3 hours following the of loss of transmission supply, or longer if there is sufficient renewable generation from Wattle Point windfarm and local solar PV
  • Fast Frequency Response (FFR) to reduce Heywood interconnector constraints and improve power system security by quickly injecting power into the grid following a network disturbance.

The project cost was approximately $30 million and was partly funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). The BESS was constructed by Consolidated Power Projects (CPP) who worked with international power company ABB and battery provider, Samsung. Construction commenced in October 2017 and the site was energised on 30 April 2018, three months earlier than scheduled. Commissioning and testing occurred in late 2018 and ElectraNet handed over commercial operation of the BESS to AGL in December 2018.

Hornsdale Power Reserve BESS

The Hornsdale Power Reserve is located 15km north of Jamestown in South Australia. The BESS facility comprises a 100MW / 129MWh Tesla power pack battery system was developed over three stages. The BESS has been operating since 1 December 2017 and stores energy when demand is low and dispatches when demand is high. It also assists in stabilising the South Australian electricity network and supports the integration of renewable energy to the grid, helping to prevent load-shedding events. ElectraNet was engaged to provide the 275 / 33KV connection adjacent to the Mount Lock substation within a highly publicised timeframe of 100 days, which we were able to deliver.

Torrens Island BESS

The Torrens Island grid-scale BESS forms a critical part of South Australia’s energy storage, assisting the transition to renewables. The 250MW / 1,000MWh BESS is also a key pillar in transitioning AGL’s Torrens Island site into an integrated, low-carbon industrial energy hub. ElectraNet played a key role in connecting this $180 million customer project through a 275kV cable and main transformer to the grid. Our team provided essential support in the testing and commissioning of the auxiliary load of this BESS while waiting for the required performance standards to be approved by the Australia Energy Market Operator (AEMO). The battery was successfully energised in 2023.

Synchronous Condensers

ElectraNet has successfully delivered four synchronous condensers into South Australia (two at Davenport and two at Robertstown), removing shortfalls in system strength and inertia, which have allowed AEMO imposed limits on non-synchronous renewable generation to be relaxed, meaning an increased number of renewable electricity can be dispatched into the NEM.

ElectraNet offers customers system strength as a service through the Build, Own, Operate and Maintain (BOOM) of synchronous condensers. Facilitating the connection to the grid either as part of a generation project, or on a standalone basis, ElectraNet works with customers and regulators to develop tailored solutions to remediate shortfalls in the NEM, allowing projects to proceed.

Recognising that synchronous condensers are non-revenue generating, ElectraNet’s offering takes on all asset and risk management, and funding responsibility, eliminating capital burden on our customer’s balance sheets, whilst allowing them to meet minimum criteria to get generation project approval in the NEM.