The way that electricity is generated and consumed is changing. How are we planning for the future of the network?

We continually look for smarter ways to manage our transmission network. To reduce the pressure on electricity prices and network costs, we are dedicated to seeking efficient network investment opportunities, more cost-effective maintenance practices, and other potential industry innovations.

The transmission network plays a critical role in electricity supply

The South Australian transmission network:

  • Transports electricity over long distances from traditional and renewable generators – both local and interstate – to where it is needed to power homes, businesses and communities across metropolitan, regional and remote areas
  • Facilitates competition between generation sources both within South Australia and across the broader NEM, ensuring that South Australian customers can access the lowest cost electricity supplies
  • Provides security of supply through access to a diverse range of supply sources
  • Supports the safe, secure and reliable operation of the power system, including power quality

The transmission network plays a critical role in electricity supply



2021 Network Vision consultation

ElectraNet has launched consultation for its 2021 Network Vision with the release of a Discussion Paper which is now open for submissions. 

The Network Vision considers changes and influences impacting on the delivery of electricity transmission services, and sets out directions and priorities for South Australia’s transmission network over a 5-10 year planning period. These directions and priorities in turn drive our plans and expenditure programs for managing the network.

Click here to view our Network Vision Discussion Paper.

On 2 February 2021, ElectraNet launched consultation on its 2021 Network Vision with the release of our Network Vision Discussion Paper at a Stakeholder Webinar attended by approximately 50 stakeholders.

ElectraNet thank all those who participated in the webinar for their contribution. This information provided ElectraNet with valuable input regarding the changes and influences that impact on the delivery of electricity transmission services. It will inform ElectraNet’s updated directions and priorities, which will drive plans and expenditure programs for managing the South Australian electricity transmission network.

Notes from the discussion rooms at the Stakeholder Webinar and meeting slides are available here.

ElectraNet would like to hear from customers and stakeholders on the change drivers and influences impacting on the delivery of transmission services in South Australia and on the proposed directions and priorities we have identified. Feedback would be appreciated by 12 March 2021.

To share your thoughts with us or arrange an opportunity to discuss, ElectraNet can be contacted as follows:


Phone: 1800 243 853

Post: Hugo Klingenberg

Manager Network Development

PO Box 7096

Hutt Street Post Office, ADELAIDE SA, 5000


Network Vision

ElectraNet’s vision for the South Australian transmission network is that it will deliver affordable and reliable power supplies that support customer choices for a sustainable future.

Change has always been part of the electricity supply landscape, as generation technology has evolved to reflect the best technology of the time. However, the rate of change has increased dramatically as new technologies have been commercialised at both consumer and grid levels, supported by government policy measures and customer priorities.

The transmission network must continue to evolve to meet customers’ changing needs, and support Australia’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

View our Network Vision document to learn more about how we will work towards this goal.

ElectraNet has taken a collaborative approach to developing the Network Vision, seeking to understand and involve stakeholders to ensure the outcome is built on a set of shared directions and priorities.

The following resources were published during the development of the Network Vision:

Network Vision
Customer Insights Report
Network Vision Summary of feedback
Network Vision Discussion Paper

We’d love to hear what you think about the future role of the transmission network.