Transparency and collaboration are important drivers of our community engagement approach.

ElectraNet focuses on careful project planning and seeks stakeholder feedback to reduce our impact on environmental, economic, and social considerations.

We recognise the importance of effectively engaging with community stakeholders when we plan, build and operate the electricity transmission assets that power homes, businesses and the economy.

As we develop new assets, we engage with local communities and strive to build productive and lasting relationships.

Our approach to community engagement is based on the principles of the International Association for Public Participation and aims to be respectful, inclusive, transparent, genuine, accountable and flexible.

Our community engagement approach includes:

  • getting community and stakeholder feedback on constraints and opportunities for a project
  • considering community issues, concerns and values when making a decision
  • showing the community how feedback was considered
  • providing ways for communities interested or affected by a project to get involved
  • providing clear and timely information about a project
  • working with landowners to reduce the impact of the project where possible.

You can find out more about our approach to consumer engagementĀ here.

Construction Management

ElectraNet takes reasonable steps to minimise potential risks that could be caused by the construction of new transmission infrastructure.

Our contractors’ Construction Management Plans analyse and develop strategies to reduce risk in the following areas:

  • emergency management
  • fire management
  • flora and fauna protection including vegetation clearance
  • general weed and pest control
  • noise management
  • protection of sites of Aboriginal and European cultural heritage
  • site access management
  • solid waste management
  • water quality protection / erosion and sediment control.

Electranet Workers

If you would like to discuss our community engagement initiatives,
please contact us on 1800 243 853 orĀ send us a message.