Connecting to our high-voltage transmission network

Our team is dedicated to constructing a tailored package of transmission services that will enable your project to achieve success.

ElectraNet’s services in delivering a high voltage connection solution for your project can include contestable services, which may be provided by ElectraNet or a third-party provider.

Before you lodge a formal connection enquiry, it is important that you speak with a member of our Business Development team to optimise the connection of your asset and navigate any complexities. We will talk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Connections to the high voltage transmission network are not the only service we provide under our transmission business. See below to discover more about the connection process.

New Connections

Initial discussions & pre-feasibility

Contact us for a preliminary discussion regarding your project. ElectraNet can support you through every step in the connection process.

We recommend undertaking of a Connection Options Report and Indicative Pricing Estimate before commencing the formal connection enquiry process with us. This assists our team in understanding the feasibility of connecting your project and provide valuable information including:

  • Network / Connection information – Supports business case modelling.
  • Scope – Connection options including potential network constraints in the proposed connection location. Load flow studies can be included in the feasibility analysis if required.
  • Cost – Including an annual tariff for the non-contestable / contestable assets as well as indicative O&M charges.
  • Timeframes – Indicative timing for each stage in the connection process tailored to your project.

A Master Preliminary Works Agreement will be negotiated and agreed prior to ElectraNet undertaking work to progress your connection project.

Connection Enquiry

The Connection Enquiry begins the formal connection process. ElectraNet can provide the connection enquiry form once we have discussed your project with you.

Connection Enquiry Fee

Under the NER rule 5.3.2, a Connection Applicant must make a connection enquiry by advising the Transmission Network Service Provider the type of connection and the magnitude of the capacity required.

Upon receiving a connection enquiry, ElectraNet will provide a Connection Enquiry Response, under NER rule 5.3.3, which will include:

  • Anticipated capital cost of the identified user shared asset (IUSA).
  • Which assets are considered contestable and non-contestable.
  • Functional specifications for contestable IUSA components and / or designated network asset (DNA) components.
  • Asset interface specifications with the customer proposed project.


  • Standard connection enquiry – 30 business days from the commencement date when all pre-conditions in the work order have been satisfied.
  • Connection including DNA – 40 business days from the commencement date when all pre-conditions in the work order have been satisfied.

Application to Connect

Pre-Transmission Connection Agreement Scope

The Application to Connect process includes negotiation and acceptance of:

  • Performance standards
  • Voltage control scheme
  • Other associated technical requirements.

A Full Impact Assessment (FIA) may also be required depending on the nature of the connection.

To commence the application to connect, a proponent must submit one of the below forms. We recommend sending a draft to us first.

Submission should include the following supporting information:

  • Proposed generator or customer performance standards (depending on whether a generator or load is to be connected)
  • Network studies and other information supporting proposed performance standards
  • Any other information to support the application

ElectraNet will work with proponents to develop detailed project scope, schedule and pricing. ElectraNet will run a tender for detailed design and construction, based on the Engineering Contract Specification developed during the pre-TCA stage of the connection process. Pricing will vary depending on the project scope. ElectraNet can assist with providing guidance regarding the land approvals required to support the project including relevant Cultural Heritage considerations.

Offer to Connect

ElectraNet will prepare the offer to connect, including associated commercial agreements. Following approval of performance standards and endorsement by AEMO, Transmission Connection Agreement (TCA) can be entered into subject to various pre-conditions, performance standards, and asset operating protocol.

ElectraNet can provide competitive funding with repayments structured as an annual tariff over the life of the project to provide you with peace of mind about the construction and maintenance of connection assets.

Useful links

Visit the Essential Services Commission of SA website

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Visit the Australian Energy Market Operator website

Essential Documents and Downloads

Click here to contact us for a Connection Checklist

Click here to contact us for a Contestability and Use of Information Fact Sheet

Click here to contact us for a Connection Fee Guide

AEMO Stage 3 – Application Page

AEMO Fees and Charges

AEMO Glossary of Terms



More information - Application to Connect (Loads and Generators) and Master PWA Terms

Master PWA Terms
ElectraNet Application to Connect Form (Generators)
ElectraNet Application to Connect Form (Loads)


For direct enquiries about connecting to ElectraNet’s transmission network please contact:

Niketan Tyagi
Manager Customer Connections
 +618 8404 7537