ElectraNet owns and manages an extensive telecommunications network across South Australia. It has a substantial number of telecommunication assets across the state which are used to operate the high voltage electricity transmission network.


Used for the provision of data and voice communication services, ElectraNet has a substantial network connecting much of South Australia. This unique and diverse network provides opportunities to support customers in metropolitan and regional locations.

  • Point-to-point telecommunications over the ElectraNet network, comprising Optical Pilot Ground Wire (OPGW), Underground Optic Fibre (UGOF) and microwave radio infrastructure
  • Diverse path to other telecommunication providers (ElectraNet’s network is independent), with protection grade design and quality
  • 99.999% availability target
  • Very low latency network
  • Layer 1/2/3 services:
    • Scalable from Mbps to Gbps (n x 1 Gbps/ n x 10 Gbps)
    • Managed bandwidth or wavelength services
  • Dark fibre
  • Extensive coverage across metropolitan and regional South Australia
  • Network protection able to be built into the solution
  • Points of Presence (PoPs) for interconnect into the network
  • Connectivity to data centres available through third parties

As the owner and operator of the high voltage electricity transmission network, ElectraNet has extensive ownership or control of land and telecommunication tower/electricity tower assets, which can be used for the co-location of customer telecommunication equipment. ElectraNet works closely with its customers to place their equipment and antennae on or in its sites, utilising geographical position and already-built assets.

  • For the placement of third-party owned antennae or other equipment (e.g. towers, cubicles/ cabinets, routers, UPS, etc.)
  • Available on both telecommunication towers and electricity transmission towers (over 14,000 towers)
  • Up to 15-year co-location term
  • Can link into backhaul/point-to-point telecommunication networks
  • Secure locations for equipment
  • Power supply may be available
  • Neutral host model applicable

ElectraNet works closely with a broad range of customers to support their business requirements and objectives.

  • Electricity transmission:
    • Generators:
      • to meet NER S5.3a.4 and 4.11.3 requirements
      • i.e. SCADA (AEMO ECM data and protection/ control), telephony, internet, site security etc.
  • Loads (e.g. large industrial users, mining, oil & gas, government, etc.)
  • Telecommunications carriers
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Corporates
  • Government (federal, state, local) and Government-Owned Enterprises

Our dedicated Business Development team and Telecommunications team works closely with interested parties and customers to ensure their needs and objectives can be met.

  • Large existing telecommunications network and extensive land under control across South Australia
  • High speed and low latency
  • Independent and diverse paths
  • Protection grade equipment, with high operational availability and reliability (owing to regulatory obligations)
  • Support from ElectraNet and its on-call Telecommunications Network Control (TNC) team

ElectraNet is committed to making the customer connection process as seamless as possible, working with customers every step of the way.

The process includes:

  1. Complete and send the Telecommunication Enquiry Form.
  2. Response from ElectraNet within 1-2 weeks.
  3. Application/negotiation with customer and contract developed in 1-10 weeks.

For information about ElectraNet site access, please see the Site Access Guidelines.

Site Access Guidelines

View our Telecommunications Network Map.

Telecommunications Map

View ElectraNet’s Electricity Transmission Network Map for co-location site information.

Electricity Transmission Network Map

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