Energy and infrastructure solutions for a better world.

Power people’s lives

Safe. Affordable. Reliable.

Deliver safe, affordable and reliable solutions to power homes, businesses and the economy.

Connect people

Customers. Stakeholders. Teams.

Build strong, lasting and productive relationships with our customers, stakeholders and communities.

Create a better future

Shape. Innovate. Lead.

Be at the forefront of innovation and change.

Our Purpose Technology Tree

To help us achieve this, ElectraNet seeks to foster a constructive culture where we focus on the following values:


We create a supportive environment that helps our team to achieve excellence in their fields.


We encourage each other to grow and develop to reach our full potentials.


We challenge ourselves, each other and the status quo to get the best results.


We collaborate with each other and our stakeholders to achieve the best outcomes for the business.

Our executive team is committed to steering ElectraNet to achieve our goals.