We are committed to minimising, or where possible preventing, environmental impacts as we pursue energy and infrastructure solutions for a better world.

Our policies ensure that every effort is taken to safeguard the environment for future generations to enjoy. We strive to incorporate these aspects into the planning of new developments, and to ensure this approach is consistently maintained throughout the asset lifecycle.

Our Environmental Policy underpins our systematic approach to environmental management, and this is supported by robust procedures that we expect all staff and contractors to understand and apply. In recognition of this, ElectraNet’s environmental management system is certified to the International Standards Organisation for environmental management, ISO14001.

The guiding principle of ISO14001 is continual improvement, and ElectraNet strives to be authentic in applying this approach to all aspects of our activities.

The key elements of our Environmental Policy include:

  • developing and maintaining our environmental management system at a scale appropriate to our activities
  • assessing our assets and activities to identify environmental risks and prevent pollution
  • complying with local, state and national environmental requirements
  • training our staff in the management of environmental issues facing the energy and infrastructure industries
  • participating in initiatives that contribute to understanding and addressing the impacts of climate change.

ElectraNet has developed a detailed range of EORs, which define our environmental management requirements for staff and contractors. These EORs address key environmental aspects, or themes, during all phases of our activities, and are continuously reviewed and improved where gaps are identified.

They define the minimum requirements we expect in the environmental management plans (EMPs) that our partners and contractors develop when working with us.

To facilitate effective environmental management, ElectraNet requires the development and implementation of EMPs, whether for construction projects or asset maintenance service providers. For example, where risk assessments identify the presence of endangered or vulnerable flora or fauna, or where noxious weeds are likely, fit for purpose EMPs ensure our contractors use sound management practices. Cultural heritage planning and management are integral to this process, so that sensitive locations and habitats are protected.

We are actively involved in facing the challenges of climate change and remain committed to reducing our impact on the planet.

Some of the ways we do this include:

  • facilitating the uptake of new and emerging renewable energy sources via integration with our transmission network
  • monitoring insulator gas loss, and reducing this through proactive maintenance programs
  • installing energy saving lighting systems in our occupied sites and offices.

Power lines in outback

By protecting and rehabilitating native vegetation, we contribute to the survival of threatened flora and fauna species.

Every ElectraNet EMP for “greenfield” or new asset development has a commitment to rehabilitate construction areas, and screen these facilities with drought-tolerant native species where feasible.

This also helps to reduce any noise and disruption that this infrastructure may contribute to in the local community.

We have initiatives that involve rehabilitating land previously used for crops or grazing. We also use local native flora species to improve biodiversity and invigorate and bolster important habitat for native fauna.

We implement weed and pest management strategies across our network, to help protect and restore the natural biodiversity where we operate.

These strategies include:

  • identifying and mapping areas of noxious weed infestation, to inform management practices
  • preventing the importation of weeds/seeds/propagules or weed-infested topsoil material
  • where the risk of noxious weed spread is elevated, cleaning all earth-moving machinery and vehicles prior to entering and leaving relevant landowner’s property
  • providing sealed bins for wastes to discourage animal pests.

Scenic Powerlines

Do you have any feedback or questions about ElectraNet’s environmental actions? We strive to respond to messages as soon as possible.