ElectraNet acknowledges and respects Aboriginal peoples as the Traditional Owners of the lands and waters in South Australia.

Land is the core of all spirituality for Indigenous Australians. We respect the views of Traditional Owners and work together with them in harmony to deliver projects in ways that respect their spiritual connection with the land.

At ElectraNet, we continually strive to understand and respect culture. We are committed to protecting sites of cultural significance, of both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, helping to preserve them for current and future generations.

We value building long-term relationships and partnerships with Traditional Owners during the planning, construction and maintenance of all transmission developments. We initiate comprehensive consultation with Traditional Owners to identify potential cultural heritage impacts from development activities and minimise them to protect sites of cultural significance.

ElectraNet seeks to develop standing as a leader in collaborative relationships with Traditional Owners.  We understand that Traditional Owner groups and their communities are looking to ElectraNet to develop relationships that go beyond Aboriginal heritage management, to create social, cultural and economic opportunities.

To continue our process of building long-term relationships and partnerships with Traditional Owners, ElectraNet is committed to:

  • Continue to improve the systems and procedures we use to meet legislative obligations and Traditional Owner expectations regarding the protection and preservation of Aboriginal Heritage
  • Continue to engage with Traditional Owners in understanding and managing the impact of ElectraNet operations on Aboriginal heritage – for both existing assets and new developments
  • Where practical and feasible, formalise these working relationships through heritage management agreements with Traditional Owner groups
  • Increase the opportunities for Traditional Owner representatives to provide cultural awareness and cross-cultural experiences to ElectraNet staff and our contractors.

Do you have feedback or would you like more information about our Cultural Heritage action and relationships? We strive to respond to messages as soon as possible.