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With decades of experience delivering connections within the National Electricity Market (NEM) and other services, we confidently provide our clients with the optimal transmission service solutions for their projects.

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ElectraNet provides high voltage electricity transmission services, facilitating new connections to the grid and providing highly reliable electricity transmission to our customers. Our home market of South Australia is recognised as a global leader in the transition to renewable energy and we are proud to have facilitated this shift from fossil fuel generation to a renewable generation base. Our people have responded to the changing dynamics of the energy grid with innovation and agility by deploying new technologies to meet our customer needs.

We also own and operate a diverse and extensive private telecommunications network across South Australia. We use this network and our assets to provide telecommunications services to carriers and internet service providers as well as our electricity transmission customers across both bandwidth capacity and site co-location.

Our knowledgeable and experienced teams will partner with you to create innovative and competitive end-to-end integrated infrastructure solutions across Australia. ElectraNet takes great pride in working with you through the entire process from concept design and build to owning and operating asset maintenance for the life of your project.