Connect your project anywhere in Australia with ElectraNet's tailored infrastructure solutions.

ElectraNet is a one-stop-shop for your energy and infrastructure needs. We have demonstrated experience and a proven track record in providing agile and collaborative engineering, delivery, and asset management services.

We have experience delivering high-quality solutions to a diverse range of customers, including traditional generators (gas-turbine and coal-fired) as well as the mining, renewable, manufacturing and telecommunications industries. ElectraNet has the second-largest wind-to-load ratio in the world, and is the largest connector of wind generation in Australia.

We're here to help you connect to ElectraNet's network

Our team is dedicated to constructing a tailored package of transmission services that will enable your project to achieve success.

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It’s important before you lodge a formal connection enquiry that you speak with a member of our Business Development team. We will talk you through the process and answer any questions you have.

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We also have a comprehensive list of supporting information which is available here.

The services involved in delivering the HV connection solution for your project will include services required to be provided by ElectraNet, but may also include contestable services, which can be provided by ElectraNet or a third party IUSA provider.


ElectraNet can develop a customised solution for your project.

Talk to us before lodging a formal Connection Enquiry:


Niketan Tyagi

Senior Business Development Manager

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ElectraNet reception: +61884047966


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