Connect your project anywhere in Australia with ElectraNet's tailored infrastructure solutions.

ElectraNet is a one-stop-shop for your energy and infrastructure needs. We have demonstrated experience and a proven track record in providing agile and collaborative engineering, delivery, and asset management services.

We have experience delivering high-quality solutions to a diverse range of customers, including traditional generators (gas-turbine and coal-fired) as well as the mining, renewable, manufacturing and telecommunications industries. ElectraNet has the second-largest wind-to-load ratio in the world, and is the largest connector of wind generation in Australia.

Our team is dedicated to constructing a tailored package of transmission services that will enable your project to achieve success.

These services include:

  • transmission options analysis – which identifies the connection solution best suited for your development
  • land management services – which facilitates more efficient development approval
  • asset monitoring and reporting – which ensures whole-of-life asset support and cost-effective maintenance procedures
  • telecommunications services – which provides technical insight into asset performance.

Electranet worker inspecting

ElectraNet can develop a customised solution for your project.

Talk to us before lodging a formal Connection Enquiry:


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Business Development Manager

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Network Relationship Manager

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