At a time when positive relationships with landholders are crucial to seeing our clean energy future realised, ElectraNet is proud to lead the way in engaging with and supporting our communities.

Open and honest communication with landholders ensured the successful completion of the 270km Eyre Peninsula Link (EP Link) in February 2023.

Eric Ashby is a landholder and pastoralist at Nonowie Station, approximately 20km west of Whyalla. Eric sees that Eyre Peninsula Link is opening up growth opportunities in the region such as green steel, hydrogen and more renewables. Eric shares his experience with ElectraNet throughout the project’s planning and construction.


As part of ElectraNet’s sustainability efforts on the Eyre Peninsula, we have also been working closely with landholders and Ecological Horizons founders, John Read and Katherine Moseby. ​​​​​​​Ecological Horizons have several environmental recovery efforts on the Eyre Peninsula, some of which EP Link passes through.


To learn more about John’s efforts through Ecological Horizons, click here or the video below. ElectraNet’s support has helped Ecological Horizon’s pest control management through his property.

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