Port Lincoln has traditionally had limited telecommunications services, leading to poor customer choice, higher costs, and service instability for the region.

As part of ElectraNet’s recently completed Eyre Peninsula Link project, our telecommunications fibre network to Port Lincoln was extended and has provided our customer, Vocus, with an ability to deliver on their challenger brand ethos, becoming the first telecommunications provider to offer viable telecommunications alternatives in the area.

Head of Group Communications and Engagement at Vocus, Paula Jacinto, said, “By utilising ElectraNet’s telecommunications transmission pathways to extend our fibre solutions, Vocus is now able to deliver end-to-end fibre optics services right into the heart of this region of South Australia.”

“First used to support solutions for remote mining customers, through ElectraNet, Vocus is now able to extend those stable, high bandwidth, low latency services directly from any major city in Australia to Port Lincoln,” Paula said.

Additionally, through Vocus’ own fibre infrastructure, this customer now connects Port Lincoln with international hubs such as Singapore, Hong Kong and the US.

Paula said, “This will be a critical factor as Vocus seeks to revitalise services to new and existing customers across this region of SA in industries such as space, government, and education, supporting their push to reinforce SA as the technology state, as well as supporting more traditional wholesale and enterprise sectors. Vocus has already leveraged the solution to support a key government relationship,” Paula said.

ElectraNet Lead Development Manager, Luke Ballantine, said, “Vocus are continuing to explore how we can work together to expand their telecommunications network reach in SA by utilising our extensive and growing telecommunication network and assets.”

“It’s great to engage with Vocus and see them recognise the potential of the recently energised transmission projects to expand their network capabilities,” Luke said.

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