Transmission lines in the Lower Eyre Peninsula


Site access issues have caused delays to the restoration work taking place on the Eyre Peninsula’s transmission network. It is now anticipated that transmission supply will be restored tonight. 

“We understand what an imposition this is on the community. While a quick restoration of transmission supply is our priority, the safety of our ground crews undertaking this work is equally important,” said ElectraNet’s Acting Executive Manager Network Services, Ralf Ricciardi.

“Our crews are working in storm-damaged terrain to make sure restoration is achieved as soon as safely practicable, and they are making sure this happens as quickly as possible.”

Following storm activity in the region yesterday, a lightning strike caused a loss of transmission supply to the Eyre Peninsula late in the afternoon.

ElectraNet’s transmission network supplies bulk high-voltage power to SA Power Networks’ distribution network.

Once transmission supply is restored, SA Power Networks can progressively restore power to homes and businesses.

Further information about distribution outages is available from SA Power Networks through the ‘Current Interruptions’ section of their website,, or by calling 13 13 66.


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