South Australia is on the fast track to 100 per cent renewable energy on an annual basis by 2026/27, according to ElectraNet’s latest Transmission Annual Planning Report (TAPR).

In the TAPR, ElectraNet has identified the Integrated System Plan (ISP) project, Mid North Renewable Energy Zone Expansion, as critical to South Australia fully capitalising on the global green transition.

The report highlights the electricity demand outlook in South Australia is growing, driven by electrification of the economy and new industrial loads connecting into the network.

South Australia has an abundance of renewable energy resources to meet increased demand that can be unlocked with additional capacity in the transmission network.

ElectraNet recognises the extraordinary opportunity for the South Australian economy from a new hydrogen sector, which is also driving demand growth.

Chief Executive Officer, Simon Emms, said South Australia remains a leader in the clean energy transition and ElectraNet network developments are central to energising South Australia’s clean energy future.

“ElectraNet is on the ground engaging with customers for both new loads and renewable energy developments, and this is demonstrating the need to strengthen the network backbone as soon as possible through South Australia’s Mid North,” Simon said.

“South Australia’s renewable energy is attracting international interest from businesses seeking to invest in a net-zero emissions economy.

“We have reaffirmed our view that there is a need to accelerate network augmentation to accommodate the growing green economy in South Australia.

“Now is the time for the timely investment of new transmission to fully capitalise on South Australia’s renewable energy projects to supply growing demand.”

Before planned projects get the green light, they are subject to the Australian Energy Regulator’s comprehensive approval process and are required to demonstrate net benefits to power customers.

ElectraNet is seeking feedback on the findings of the TAPR which can be submitted to by 13 December 2023. The report can be downloaded by clicking here.

We are also hosting an online forum on 6 December 2023 and registrations can be made by clicking here.

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