Each year, ElectraNet reviews the capability of South Australia’s electricity transmission network to ensure we can meet the needs of customers into the future. We publish the outcomes in our Transmission Annual Planning Report (TAPR).

Since we published the TAPR in October 2022, interest in new load and renewable generation connections rose sharply as proponents are seeking to take advantage of South Australia’s low-emission electricity in the transition to a clean energy future.

In May 2023, we published a special TAPR Update to provide our stakeholders with information on this rapidly changing outlook. We are seeking input into our planning as we work towards our next TAPR for release in October 2023 and provide input to the Australian Energy Market Operator’s (AEMO) 2024 Integrated System Plan (ISP).

We encourage stakeholders to have their say on the update, and we welcome further input and feedback on:

  • the demand outlook and timing of new developments
  • potential renewable energy sources
  • network development options to meet these needs at the lowest overall cost to customers.

You can access our TAPR Update by clicking here and submitting feedback to consultation@electranet.com.au

We look forward to your ongoing input to help shape our plans for South Australia’s clean energy future.

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