Wednesday 23 November update – 7.00pm

ElectraNet has restored power flows between South Australia and Victoria following the completion of works to install temporary transmission towers just outside of Tailem Bend.

The network has returned to normal operations, providing greater power security to the state and reducing the need for generation constraints.

ElectraNet’s Chief Operating Officer, Rainer Korte, said, “On Saturday, 12 November, a severe weather event damaged a 275 kV transmission tower just outside Tailem Bend, temporarily disconnecting South Australia from the National Electricity Market. Power supply to ElectraNet’s customers was not impacted as a result of the incident.”

“Between 40 and 50 ElectraNet staff and contractors have been working hard on site since the storm event to remove the damaged tower, undertake necessary civil works and install two temporary bypass circuits.”

“Planning is now underway to get a new, permanent transmission tower for the site”, Rainer said.

Tuesday 22 November update – 10.30am

ElectraNet and its contractors are continuing their work at Tailem Bend to fully restore the interconnection with Victoria.

Late on Saturday 19 November, power flow was restored to Victoria at a reduced rate through one of the two interconnector circuits. Strong winds at Tailem Bend on Sunday 20 November and Monday 21 November made conditions unsafe to complete the works required to restore the second circuit. We now anticipate that works to restore full interconnection with Victoria will be completed late Wednesday.


Sunday 20 November update – 6pm

ElectraNet and its contractors have been working hard to restore power interconnection with Victoria following the damage to a transmission tower last Saturday (12 Nov).
Late Saturday (19 Nov), we were able to restore power flow to Victoria, at a reduced rate, through one of the temporary interconnector circuits. Works are continuing to restore both circuits, which are now expected to be complete on Tuesday due to the unfavourable weather conditions experienced over the weekend.

Tuesday 15 November update – 10.30am

Due to Saturday’s weather event, a high-voltage tower just outside of Tailem Bend sustained damage, disconnecting power flows on the South Australia to Victoria interconnector. Power supply to customers has not been affected due to this incident.
ElectraNet crews and its contractors are currently on site repairing the damage. The ground at the site where the tower is located is challenging, following the significant rainfall in the area. Crews are undertaking civil works on the access track to the tower to enable the heavy machinery required to compete the works, safe access.
Our crews are working hard to complete the repairs. Subject to favourable weather and site conditions, we are working to have the connection with Victoria restored by the end of the weekend.
ElectraNet is working closely with the Australian Energy Market Operator and SA Power Networks to manage the stability of the network until we can restore power to the interconnector.

Sunday 13 November update – 12pm

Following yesterday’s severe weather event, ElectraNet crews and contractors are and will continue to inspect our transmission lines that were in path of the storms. As we mentioned last night, customer supply as a result of the damaged tower at Tailem Bend has not been impacted and we are developing a plan to safely make the required repairs. Until the damaged tower is repaired, power flows to and from Vic are constrained to zero, which will require curtailment of roof top solar to maintain system stability. We are liaising closely with the Australian Energy Market Operator and will continue to closely monitor the state’s high-voltage transmission network.

Saturday 12 November

This evening’s significant weather event has damaged a transmission tower just outside Tailem Bend. Customer supply has not been impacted and ElectraNet has crews on site assessing the situation. More information will be available later Sunday morning.

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