As part of Project EnergyConnect (PEC), the high voltage interconnector under construction between South Australia and New South Wales, ElectraNet has installed new fibre-optic cable and microwave radio equipment with our project partner, Telstra. These facilities will soon be energised, providing the essential communication capability needed to support the safe and secure operation of the transmission line between the new Bundey and Buronga substations.

ElectraNet’s Senior Project Manager for PEC, Russell Hewetson said, “Telecommunication requirements for the project have seen the installation of new optical ground wire (OPGW) and microwave radio equipment. The OPGW installation is tracking to program which relies upon our transmission line contractor to complete this as a part of the 200km transmission corridor.”

“Telstra has completed the installation of the new OPGW repeater site located in Chowilla and will be critical to boost the signals between SA and NSW due to the distance between Bundey and Buronga substation and will also allow for an interface point and segregation between ElectraNet and TransGrid telecommunication assets,” Russell said.

Starting at Monash substation in SA, the radio path needs to transmit the signals in approximate 50km hops, and the new sites at Paringa (SA), Cullulleraine (VIC) and Wargan (VIC) are also nearing completion to assist this.

Russell said, “The end of the radio path will see the installation of new radio equipment installed into TransGrid’s existing Buronga (NSW) substation, and these works are also nearing completion. Energisation of the sites, panning of the radio dishes and testing are all due to commence by the end of this month.”

“Telstra and our project team have done a fantastic job of coordinating resources and materials to have installations on track, completing this project on time and on budget. Considering the recent weather challenges, I am glad to say that we are still on track for successful energisation.”

“The success of this project has been driven by the great collaboration from everyone,” Russell said.

ElectraNet’s Lead Development Manager, Luke Ballantine said, “The completion of these towers are a fantastic addition to ElectraNet’s capability, also providing future opportunities for telco carriers to use our expanding network and assets. Telcommunication assets like these are an essential component for our stakeholders to provide their regional and remote customers with better service.”

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