We are pleased to announce that we have successfully achieved construction completion for the connection works of Neoen’s Goyder South Stage 1 project.

Construction of the Stage 1 connection began in late 2022 and will play a critical role for Neoen’s Goyder Renewables Zone, soon to be home to South Australia’s largest wind farm.

Neoen Australia’s Chief Operating Officer, Laurent Francisci, said, “We would like to congratulate the ElectraNet team and thank them for their hard work and commitment in reaching this important milestone, which is essential to the delivery of Goyder South Stage 1. We deeply value our long-term relationship and look forward to working together on many more projects as South Australia’s clean energy transition deepens.”

ElectraNet Project Manager, Hasan Fayyaz, said, “This milestone marks a significant achievement for our team and all stakeholders involved.”

“Through meticulous planning, diligent execution, and effective collaboration, we have delivered the necessary infrastructure, including transmission lines, substation facilities, and grid connection points, to enable the integration of the Goyder South Stage 1 into the existing power grid.”

“The construction phase has been characterised by a strong focus on safety, quality, sustainability, and adherence to project timelines. I would like to express my gratitude to the entire project team, contractors, and suppliers for their unwavering dedication and commitment throughout this journey. Together, we have made some significant progress toward a greener and more sustainable future, contributing to South Australia’s renewable energy goals, and fostering economic growth in the region,” Hasan said.

ElectraNet Manager Customer Connections, Niketan Tyagi said, “Neoen will be connecting 412MW of wind generation  from the Goyder South Stage 1 site into the Robertstown substation.”

“Our 30-year Transmission Connection Agreements in place with Neoen for each of these wind farms will ensure that they are supported through the life of the project, and I look forward to seeing the wind farm’s construction make further progress.”

“Neoen are world leaders in the clean energy space and this project will only strengthen our relationship with them as we continue energising South Australia’s clean energy future together,” Niketan said.

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