ElectraNet congratulates our customer, ZEN Energy, on the announcement of their continued progress to develop the 111MW / 270MWh Templers Battery Project. 

The Transmission Connection Agreement (TCA) was executed in July, following approval of performance standards in February.

ElectraNet will be providing connection of the Templers grid-scale battery at our existing Templers 132 kV substation. We will also be building, owning, operating and maintaining the 132 kV cable (dedicated connection asset) for the project.

It is exciting to see that early procurement and preparatory work for the project has commenced, with full construction activities to start soon ahead of the planned energisation of the battery before the end of 2024.

ZEN Energy’s Technical Manager, Dan Manderson, said, “The Templers Battery Project will be ZEN’s first utility-scale project to connect to the National Energy Market.” 

“Increasing battery storage capacity in the grid is a key component of ZEN’s mission to lead communities into the zero-carbon world. The Templers Battery Project will store enough energy to power 96,000 homes for over 2.5 hours and enables further deployment of renewable energy in South Australia,” Dan said. 

ElectraNet’s Manager Customer Connections, Niketan Tyagi, spoke about the connection services we are providing. Niketan said, “Grid-scale batteries are continuing to play a critical role in the energy transition.” 

“As we approach 100 per cent renewables and beyond, we will continue to provide connection support for customer-driven projects that are strengthening South Australia’s electricity system,” Niketan said. 

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