ElectraNet is part of the Champions of Change Coalition which includes around 260 CEO and Board level leaders who prioritise and invest in collective action and partnerships to drive system-wide change towards a more gender equal and inclusive future.

This is particularly important for the Energy sector, where women’s representation has been historically low.

The Energy Champions of Change Group was established in 2023 and includes more than 20 sector leaders who want to ensure women’s expertise, innovation and insights are harnessed as part of the trillion-dollar energy transition we are all working towards. The intent is that women will be equally represented, engaged in and benefiting from this once in a lifetime social, environmental and economic transformation.

We believe in taking a sector-wide and collective approach because it is critical that women within and entering our sector have a consistently positive experience and can see viable, long-term careers in organisations that are geared to enable them to thrive and progress equally.

We publicly report our progress via the Champions of Change Coalition Annual Impact Report, the largest voluntary disclosure on key measures of gender equality in the workplace in the world. The Report details our collective progress and actions over the course of the year in advancing inclusive gender equality, including specific data on women’s representation in our organisation and sector.

A copy of the report can be found by clicking here. 

Since the Energy Champions of Change Group was established in June 2023 we have:

  • Worked to increase women’s representation in the Energy Champions of Change Group. As of 6 December 2023, there will be 6 women leaders in the Group (~25%)
  • Signed up to the Panel Pledge, where male leaders in the Group agree to only participate in panels and fora where women are represented.
  • Conducted ‘Listen and Learn’ sessions with their people across our corporate and operational roles to better understand and prioritise actions to advance gender equality and respect for all at work.
  • Used feedback from these sessions, together with outcomes of discussions with a range of women leaders in the sector, to develop the Group’s first 18-month workplan.

This is the baseline year reporting for ElectraNet and the Energy Champions of Change Group, with clear opportunities for improvement identified. A particular focus will be working together to ensure we are creating the conditions and cultures that enable all people in our team to thrive.

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