Network Capability Incentive Parameter Action Plan

AER approves ElectraNet's Network Capability Incentive Parameter Action Plan, designed to improve the capability of South Australia's transmission network.

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ElectraNet lowers costs for consumers by cancelling Baroota substation upgrade

ElectraNet has published a Project Assessment Draft Report (PADR), stating it intends to cancel a proposed investment at its Baroota substation.

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Look Up and Live

Remember to Look Up and Live around high-voltage transmission lines.

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2015 Transmission Annual Planning Report

The 2015 South Australian Transmission Annual Planning Report is now available.

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ElectraNet provides energy and infrastructure solutions across Australia.

ElectraNet owns and operates over $2.5 billion of electricity transmission assets that transport electricity over long distances and to remote areas.  A critical part of the electricity supply chain, ElectraNet’s transmission network delivers safe and reliable electricity supply.