ElectraNet’s battery at Dalrymple on South Australia’s lower Yorke Peninsula received international interest at a recent webinar.

ElectraNet Manager Network Development, Hugo Klingenberg, was invited by international power company ABB to talk about the battery at the webinar, which was arranged by the US-based Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) Energy Storage working group.

“Throughout the project we worked with ABB to successfully deliver the battery and the knowledge gained from this work has positioned ABB to be deliver similar projects in the United States and Europe,” Hugo said.

“Our presentation provided a great opportunity to share with the audience the business case for building the battery, how it works, its integration into the power grid and our experiences in its operation.

“SEPA and ABB personnel in the United States were impressed by the range of innovation outcomes achieved by the battery and how these could benefit them for future projects.

“They were also impressed by the project’s online Knowledge Sharing Portal which is a one-stop-shop for all the information gained from the project, the battery itself and public presentations.”

The 30-megawatt Yorke Peninsula battery was the first certified indoor battery in Australia connected to the energy grid.

It provides both regulated network services and market services, and can provide back-up power to 4,500 customers for many hours (with the nearby Wattle Point windfarm topping up the battery) while connection to the grid is being restored following a supply interruption.

The battery was built by Adelaide company Consolidated Power Projects (CPP) which worked with ABB and battery provider Samsung. It received part-funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

For more information about the battery and to see its real-time data visit www.escri-sa.com.au

The presentation given to SEPA can be downloaded here.

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