Give your mining projects the benefit of one of the highest network reliability levels in Australia.

A cost effective, reliable and safe power supply can help mining developments reduce operating costs, minimise interruptions and improve overall efficiency.

The mining industry relies on a stable, reliable power supply to maximise workflow. ElectraNet plays an active role in delivering high-voltage power to the sites that need it, and supports the efficiency of mining operations.

Our extensive experience in providing electrical infrastructure solutions helps our clients reduce risks associated with technical and regulatory requirements. We can also help our clients optimise timeframes for construction, tailor design solutions, and improve their capital and operating expenditure.

ElectraNet understands how important electricity supply reliability is, and ensures that our clients are able to seamlessly carry out mining operations and production.

Mount Isa Mines on hot summer day

We specialise in delivering reliable and safe electrical assets for projects under a Buy or Build, Own, Operate and Maintain (BOOM) arrangement. This arrangement helps our clients manage the need for capital and balances the cost and risk of owning non-core infrastructure.

A typical scope for a BOOM arrangement can include:

  • high-voltage (higher than 33 kV) network transmission lines, substations and switching stations
  • low voltage (11 kV to 33 kV) reticulation and equipment
  • telecommunications, controls and protection equipment
  • civil infrastructure, earthworks and access roads
  • any other balance of plant infrastructure.

Additional services can also be provided in a BOOM arrangement:

  • environment, planning and approval
  • stakeholder / landowner management
  • technical and commercial support
  • liaison with regulatory bodies
  • third party access rights
  • discussions with incumbent Transmission Network Service Providers
  • engagement with investment partners and suppliers on the BOOM model.

With our specialisation in efficient electrical asset management, our clients can be assured of an agile, collaborative and client-focused engineering, delivery and asset management service.

Mining clients who currently rely on our service for their mining operations include BHP, OZ Minerals, Hillgrove Resources and Arrium.

ElectraNet can develop a customised solution for your project.

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