Transmission lines in the Lower Eyre Peninsula

7.30 pm

ElectraNet has completed its connection point repair work on one of the affected connection points at the switchyard adjacent to Torrens Island Power Station B. Completion of these repair works enables high-voltage testing and other safety checks to occur, commencing tomorrow, and subject to passing those tests, the connection point will then be available for use.

An incident on the afternoon of 3 March 2017 resulted in damage to two connection points, disconnecting approximately 400 MW of generation. 220 MW of generation from Pelican Point Power Station also tripped off. The loss of supply was immediately compensated through additional import of power from Victoria via the Heywood interconnector.

Steve Masters, the Chief Executive of ElectraNet said repairing the damaged connection points was highly technical work.

“I’m pleased that the repair work on the first of the two damaged connection points was able to be completed safely and quickly.”

“Each item of equipment has to undergo extensive testing and the safety of the public, employees and contractors remains our priority,” he said.


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