ElectraNet have a valued relationship with Foodbank SA, with the organisation sourcing and delivering food relief to over 126,000 people in South Australia every month through agency relationships, Food Hubs and school programs.

Internal Communications Manager, Travis Crozier, said the ongoing support with Foodbank is especially important to the business.

“ElectraNet has worked with Foodbank to provide a Mobile Food Hub which is able to operate as a stand-alone distribution centre in areas where Foodbank SA does not have a permanent presence.

“We understand that it has already made a huge difference to Foodbank clients where the need for food relief is great but where a permanent solution either isn’t viable or just doesn’t exist.”

Many of the individuals and families who access this service are living in the regional areas where ElectraNet’s electricity transmission line network is located.

“Along with our sponsorship arrangements, we are also fortunate to be able to volunteer with Foodbank, and provide support through packing hampers, distributing food or collection donations.”

ElectraNet provides employees with volunteer leave to support organisations such as Foodbank, and through these arrangements we can make a real difference in the communities in which we proudly operate.

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