Transmisson tower from sky view

9:10 PM

ElectraNet has been working hard to restore normal operation of the transmission network, since a severe weather event caused a state-wide black earlier this afternoon.

The storm has caused significant damage to the transmission network.

Three out of the four transmission lines moving power between Adelaide and the north of South Australia are confirmed to be currently down. Current information is that 22 towers are down, at five different points across the network.

Power has now been restored to the CBD and most of the metro area, and will continue to be progressively restored throughout the evening as it is safe to do so.

We will continue to work hard to restore transmission supply, so that SA Power Networks can progressively restore supply to their customers as it is safe to do so.

The sites with damaged infrastructure are in the process of being secured by emergency services crews, but anyone in the surrounding areas should stay well clear of them. If you see any powerlines that have fallen, please report them to ElectraNet on 08 8404 7966.

Extreme weather with gale-force winds, is expected to continue tomorrow and it may delay restoration efforts or cause further damage.


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