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Repairs to storm-damaged transmission lines in the state’s mid north are on track to be completed in the coming days.

One of the damaged circuits near Melrose was re-energised on Monday, and network repair works near Blyth were also successfully completed.

The restoration of these lines has provided extra stability across the network and facilitated additional load being made available to industrial customers. ElectraNet will continue to work closely with its customers to increase supply to full load levels as soon as possible.

Multiple crews continue to erect temporary towers and restring lines at the Melrose site, with the aim of getting another circuit back up and energised this week, provided weather conditions remain stable.

Once this circuit has been energised, South Australia’s transmission customers will have normal access to the network.

When network access is back to normal, work will begin on permanent repairs. These details and timings are still being confirmed.

ElectraNet Chief Executive Steve Masters paid tribute to the efforts of ElectraNet staff and contractors.

“While these outstanding results have been achieved quickly, they have also been done safely. Safety of the public, staff and contractors remains our priority,” he said.

“The entire team on site, and those supporting them from the office, has worked extremely hard to make the sites safe, prepare access tracks, erect the temporary towers, string the conductors and implement a switching plan.

“I’d also like to thank the community and our landholders for their support during what has been a challenging time.”


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