ElectraNet Project Manager Minh Nguyen has achieved a big career milestone, celebrating 30 years of service.

Minh joined the business on 16 October, 1989 starting as an ETSA Graduate Engineer, then Electrical Test Engineer at TIPS, Substation Test & Investigation Engineer, Special Test Engineer, Senior Project Engineer, Construction Manager, and on to his current position as a Project Manager within ElectraNet’s Network Services team.

Some of Minh’s career highlights include his technical contribution to the delivery of the SE SVC Control Upgrade, contributing to the successful delivery of the new Munno Para 275/66kV substation, managing the project team to successfully deliver the new 275kV diameter at Tailem Bend substation and improving security of our transmission services.

“Looking back at these roles, I consider myself very lucky to have opportunities working in both technical engineering and project management areas,” said Minh.

“Over the years, I have been a mentor for many young Graduate Engineers and new Project Managers, and this has given me the opportunity for not just sharing knowledge but also learning new things from them and making new friends.

“We have so many friendly and smart people in our business, and I enjoy going through the door each day knowing that I will be working with a great team of friends.”

Congratulations and thank you Minh.

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