Transmission Annual Planning Report

ElectraNet produces a Transmission Annual Planning Report   
(PDF, 6.7MB), which provides information to market participants and other interested parties on the current capacity and emerging limitations of the South Australian transmission network over a ten-year planning period.

This report includes demand projections, emerging network limitations or constraints and information on completed, committed and proposed transmission network developments, which helps potential loads and generators to identify and assess opportunities in the market.

Registered participants and interested parties in the National Electricity Market are encouraged to provide input to facilitate identification of the most credible solutions to projected network limitations. In particular, potential proponents of non-network solutions are also invited to propose alternative solutions.

Please contact us if you have any enquiries or feedback about the 2015 Transmission Annual Planning Report. 

2015 Transmission Annual Planning Report Overview (PDF, 817KB)

2015 Transmission Annual Planning Report (PDF, 6.7MB)

South Australian Connection Point Forecasts Report 

This report includes demand projections, 
network limitations or 
constraints and information on completed, committed and
network developments.